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Who are We?

Claire is the shop ower and is extremely experienced and knowledgable in pet nutrition. She has a backround in veterinary nursing. She knows most of the the products on the market, what is in stock, is full of useful advice and is certainly worth speaking to. Claire has had lots of pets of her own, including two dogs and a cat.

Kirstin is our Manager and since leaving school, has joined us part time. Kirstin has been with us for four years, and therefore knows lots of interesting things (more knowledge than some people her own age). She can advise on feeding all furry pets. Kirstin has a dog named Rionnag and a rabbit, named Archie at home and also really enjoys going horse riding.

Georgia is our Shop Assistant, she is still at school and has dogs, horses and guinea pigs. She is very friendly and quite knowledgable. So far, Georgia has learnt alot about animal nutruition.    

Justine is Claires niece and is a trainee shop assistant. She is still in school and only works part time, normaly at weekends. She has an intrested in animals and owns a Doberman named Dexter.