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Who are We?

Emma is the Pet Shop Manager/Dog Groomer/Dog Trainer & Behaviourist (specialised in canines and equines).  Emma is extremely experienced and knowledgable in pet nutrition.  She is an expert dog coat fitter and can fit harnesses, collars and headcollars to an expeptionally high standard.  She knows all the products on the market and what is in stock and is full of useful advice, so she is certainly worth speaking to.  Emma has lots of pets of her own too including one dog, a cat, 3 ponies, 3 bunnies and 3 guinea pigs.

Kirstin is our Supervisor who used to be the "Saturday person" but since leaving school joined us part time and you find her normally "in charge" on Saturdays.  Kirstin has been here for a few years so knows lots of interesting stuff.  She can advise on feeding all furry pets, she knows a bit about fish too, she is trained to fit dog harnesses, collars, head collars and coats to a very high standard.  Kirstin has a dog and rabbit at home and also loves to go horse riding.

Georgia is our Saturday person, she is still at school and has dogs, horses and guinea pigs and wants to work with animals when she leaves school, for now anyway.    She is a little shy at first but she is very friendly and quite knowledgable.  Georgia knows a bit about feeding (particuarly raw feeding as her dogs are fed this diet) and can also fit dog coats, collars, harnesses and headcollars.

Claire is our Duty Manager and she has recently joined us.  She has a veterinary background so is extremely knowledgable with most domestic pets, so now is your chance to pick her brains.  She is learning all about pet nutrition at the moment (believe me there is a lot to learn) but she can fit harnesses, muzzles, collars, headcollars and dog coats. Claire has a cat and two dogs at home.